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Private Çekirge Heart and Aritmi Hospital

General Introduction

Özel Çekirge Kalp ve Aritmi Hastanesi is the first and only private specialized hospital in Bursa and its surrounding cities. The idea of establishing Özel Çekirge Kalp ve Aritmi Hastanesi emerged in 2003 and was realized in 2006. Why a Heart and Arrhythmia Hospital? There are two reasons for the establishment of such a hospital. As known, deaths from heart and vascular diseases are in the first place, and the most significant part of these deaths is caused by heart diseases. As for arrhythmia, rhythm disorders are the cause of more than half of the deaths from heart diseases. Additionally, the fact that people from Bursa and the surrounding region had to go to other cities for heart conditions and seek treatment there led to the idea of establishing a heart hospital. Located in Bursa's Çekirge neighborhood, the Kalp ve Aritmi Hastanesi continues its activities under the direction of Prof. Dr. M. Halit Andaç as the Chief Physician. The hospital, which is of great importance to the people of Bursa and the region, provides services with its complete device equipment and a successful and experienced team of doctors. Özel Çekirge Kalp ve Aritmi Hastanesi also conducts studies to raise awareness about the importance of heart health, in addition to diagnosis and treatment, by providing heart health information on radio, newspapers, magazines, and television to inform the people of Bursa about how to protect their heart health. The hospital has 2 Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Operating Rooms, an 8-bed CVK (Cardiovascular Surgery) and Coronary Intensive Care Unit, 7 Cardiologists, 4 Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons, and a total of 18 doctors and 190 employees, serving with a capacity of 42 beds. The diagnosis and treatment of rhythm disorders require a separate specialization within cardiology. Especially the use of the method called radiofrequency ablation in treatment requires a separate specialization. At the Aritmi Hastanesi, the treatment of rhythm disorders is performed in the Electrophysiology Laboratory. Additionally, the hospital has an infrastructure where permanent pacemakers and automatic implantable defibrillators, known as shock devices, are implanted and patients are regularly monitored. Kalp ve Aritmi Hastanesi gains importance in intervening in the patient as quickly as possible, especially in cases of heart attack. Primary PTCA (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) is performed 24/7 (patients with heart attack are intervened as soon as possible, their initial interventions are performed without any delay, and within a very short time).


In the belief and understanding that healthy living is the fundamental right of all individuals, we aim to be a healthcare institution that follows scientific studies, supports this belief with educated staff, prioritizes the satisfaction of service recipients and employees, provides healthcare services with quality and timely manner using the latest technologies, respects the environment and humanity, and delivers equal, attentive, understanding, and friendly service.


Our vision is to be a reference hospital that provides medical diagnosis and treatment services in international standards, contributes to the advancements in medical science, is the first and preferred choice in the field of healthcare. We aim to be a continuously improving institution that is respectful to individuals, where the staff takes pride in being part of, the patients trust and choose as their first preference, and has a strong reputation in the community.


  • Leadership,
  • Team spirit and collaboration,
  • Effective and efficient service,
  • Tolerance and fairness,
  • Sense of responsibility,
  • Continuous improvement


  • To provide healthcare services that are in line with quality standards, timely, reliable, and delivered with a smile to ensure the satisfaction of our patients
  • To comply with the requirements of the implemented quality management system and continuously improve it
  • To provide services with a teamwork approach that prioritizes the satisfaction of employees
  • To use our existing resources in a proper and effective manner
  • To work in mutual cooperation with our suppliers
  • To fulfill our responsibilities towards our physical and social environment


  • Healthcare services are provided to our patients requiring hospitalization in single and double occupancy qualified patient rooms.
  • After the decision for hospitalization is made, your admission to the clinic is carried out with the file prepared by the inpatient unit.
  • Medications, IV fluids, and medical supplies prescribed by your doctor are administered by nurses.
  • It is important for your health to carefully follow the recommendations during the treatment.
  • Your doctor will visit you at least once a day to check your condition.
  • You can seek assistance from the nurses when you want to reach your doctor.
  • Before hospitalization, you will be informed and your consent will be obtained for medical diagnosis and treatment procedures.
  • You have the right to refuse treatment or stop the treatment. However, you must declare this in writing. You should not forget that you will be responsible for the consequences.
  • Leaving the hospital without permission from the doctor is not allowed.
  • Your room will be cleaned every day.
  • Report your problems to the nurses.
  • You can meet your needs from the cafeteria located in the hospital garden.

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