Doç. Dr. Burak AKESEN

Özel Aritmi Osmangazi Hastanesi

Ad Soyad          :  Doç.Dr.BURAK AKESEN

Tıbbi Birim        :   ORTOPEDİ ve TRAVMATOLOJİ

Hastane              Özel Aritmi Osmangazi Hastanesi

E- Posta             :

D. Yeri ve Tarihi  : April 1, 1974


1985-1992 Beşiktaş Atatürk Anatolian High School

1992-1997 University of Uludağ, School of Medicine

1998-1999 Intern in Medicine and Surgery,University of Uludağ

2001-2005 Resident in Orthopaedic Surgery,University of Uludağ



Associate Professor,Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon,Uludağ

University, Bursa, Turkey

My practise here includes management of spinal disorders,

training residents and , on-calls at the university hospital. My

scholar program includes teaching undergraduate students and

residents and research. I am also the executive of the

musculoskeletal lectures of the third grade. My clinical practise

is covered by spinal disorders. I have the experience and skills

to manage spinal disorders including deformities ( scoliosic,

kyphosis), degenerative spine, spinal trauma, and spinal tumors

regardless of the anatomic site. I perform spinal surgery in

approximately 150 cases per year.

2009-2010 Forensic Medicine Headquarters, Istanbul,Turkey

During the time period between my appointment to the faculty

position at Uludag University and end of my mandatory military

duty I had the chance to review the medical records which

were associated with a law suit. I was in charge of preparing an

official report in order to guide the court if malpractise was an

issue. The cases were all included in the expertise area of

orthopaedics and traumatology.


2008-2009 Mandatory Military Duty, Turkish Airforce

I worked as an orthopaedic surgeon at Hatay Military Hospital

which is the most developed military hospital in the Egean

Region. The average number of patients visiting my clinics daily

was 80. I performed surgery mainly on trauma patients. I was

also a member of a medical team which was in charge of

deciding if the recruits were medically eligible to serve at

special forces.

2006-2007 John H. Moe Spine Clinical Fellow,Twin Cities Spine


Up on completion my research fellowship and receiving my

ECFMG certificate I was eligible to be a clinical fellow. I was

either the first or second surgeon in more than 300 cases

during my fellowship. Two days in a week I examined and

evaluated visiting the patients with spinal problems and directly

involved in decision making process. I was on-call one day in a

week which covered all hospitals in the city. I also participated

in clinical studies.


2005-2006 Research fellow, FASK( Foundation of the Advancement of

Spinal Knowledge) Biomechanic Labratory, MN,USA

I was in charge of the management of a biomechanical

labratory together with a biomechanical engineer. I ran studies

with other fellows along with my own projects. I gained

experience to work on human cadavers. I also had chance to

scrubb in selected cases performed at Twin Cities Spine Center.




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COURSES RELATED TO SPINE SURGERY 1. AOSpine Masters Symposium-Spinal Trauma. Prague, Czech Republic, November 14- 15,2011. 2. AOSpine Masters Symposium. Davos, Switzerland, December 11-15, 2011. 3. AOSpine Masters Symposium-Spinal Tumors and Deformities. Palermo,Italy, June 21- 23,2010. 4. Spine Executive Class ‘’SpEx-C’’. Controversies on minimally invasive lumbar spine instrumentation (MIS). Zermatt, Switzerland, April 22-25,2010. 5. Minimally invasive surgery techniques for fusion treatment of the lumbar spine. Cadaver workshop. Leiden, Netherlands, April 25-26, 2010. 6. The Prevention and Management of Complications in Spine Access Surgery. AOSpine Live Tissue Training Days. Strasbourg,France, September 04, 2010. 7. AOSpine Advanced Symposium-Deformed Spine. Istanbul, Turkey, December 03-04, 2010. 8. AOSpine Masters Symposium. Davos, Switzerland, December 13-17, 2010. 9. AOSpine Symposium- Masterclass in the treatment of degenerative disorders and tumors of the spine. Bodrum, Turkey, June 11-13,2009. 10. AOSpine Masters Course-Cervical Spine. Bursa,Turkey, February 21-24,2008. 11. AOSpine Advances Course – Emerging concepts in deformity care. Davos, Switzerland, December 14-19,2008. 12. AOSpine Advanced Concepts in the management of spinal disorders. Idaho, USA, February 1-4,2007.

MEMBERSHIPS  Turkish Orthopaedic Society  Turkish Spine Society  AO-Spine Society  AO-Spine Turkish Council Member (Community Development)


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